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Looting Louis Vuitton store in Portland USA Nothing screams justice like designer handbags ...
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Portland Protest looting louis Vuitton - YouTube

Jun 01, 2020 · Other videos showed a Louis Vuitton store in Portland being looted (above) as thieves ran out with designer handbags. In Seattle, meanwhile, looting louis vuitton portland a woman was …

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May 30, 2020 · As the unrest looting louis vuitton portland in the US over the death of a black man under police arrest rises, arsonists are burning police stations and looters are targeting Louis Vuitton In a luxury mall reported to be in Portland, Oregon, angered rioters-turned-looters have smashed down the glass doors of a Louis Vuitton store and cleared out…

May 30, 2020 · The Portland Business Alliance says what happened hours after the peaceful protests was "simply anarchy" and they condemn those involved with the looting and wanton destruction of Portland.

Louis Vuitton Store In Portland, Oregon USA Ransacked By ...

Jun 01, 2020 · And just recently, in a video circulating online, tensed protesters in Portland, Oregon, did not just break into police headquarters and lit a fire inside looting louis vuitton portland but also looted Louis Vuitton bags approximately amounting $85,000 or 4,295,050.00 in Philippine peso.

Through all this chaos and destruction, left-wing ideologues have yet to find much to condemn from the rioters. There's even been a concerted effort by left-wing influencers and media puppets trying explain away the crimes of violent protesters by justifying their actions as righteous and inevitable. Documenting reality from the streets is one way to...

Louis Vuitton Portland 700 S.W. 5th Avenue, #2060 97204 Portland OR - United States +1.503.226.3280 Online booking is currently unavailable, please check back at a later time.

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To be fair, Louis Vuitton doesn't stack and pack like, say Walmart or Target. Very little merchandise as compared to other stores, so it wouldn't take long to move a few items. Bare bones pick out the Target or Walmart -that's impressive. All for the memory of a fallen American....

Chaotic protests hit Portland with reporter Andy Ngo sharing several videos. Per Andy Ngo: Rioters have broken into Portland’s main mall in downtown & began looting the @LouisVuitton. Youths ran out with designer bags. They shouted about expropriation. Rioters have broken into Portland’s main mall in downtown & began looting…

Louis Vuitton designer apologises for comments on U.S ...

Virgil Abloh, the designer for Louis Vuitton's menswear collections and founder of streetwear label Off-White, has apologised after being criticised for chastising looting by U.S. protesters.


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